Our Business

Founded by Mr. S.K. Goel in 1974, Amba Group today is recognized as one of the fastest growing companies in India. We have a Pan-India presence. The group is working in three diffrent sectors:
Now, under the leadership of Mr.Pankaj Goel, Our primary goal is to see a confident smile of satisfaction on all our clients face by producing best quality products.



The first integrated plant of the group, Amba Shakti Steels Ltd. laid the strong foundations of AMBA Group, as a brand, synonymous with high quality TMT rebar.

The plant, which started with induction furnaces, reheating furnace and a semi-automatic rolling mill has continually upgraded itself in production capacity and to use the latest technologies like direct hot charging to produce high quality rebar catering to the vast demand in the northern region of the country.

At this plat we produce TMT bars under the brand name of Amba Shakti Tricore, which over time has developed its vast network of loyal, commited and well-established dealers & distributors.

Despite 28 glorious years of rigorous operations, the plant still outshines modern day integrated steel plant in efficiency and quality products.


The latest addition to the group, Amba Shakti Industries is the biggest jewel in the Crown of Amba Shakti. Boasting of a production capacity of 0.5 Million Tons of Rebar, it is the largest plant in the entire Northern India Region.

This is an integrated plant that means it has both, a steel melting shop (SMS) and a rolling mill. The hot billets produced from the SMS is directly fed into the rolling mill. This allows for stringent quality controls which are not possible for stand-alone rolling mills and provide savings in cost and energy.

The SMS consists of two 40 tons Induction furnaces and a high speed Continuous Casting machine allowing productions of as much as 90 tons per hour. The billet from the CCM is then directly fed into the state of the Art, 0.5 Million tons capacity Horizontal/Vertical Slitting Rolling Mill. This Rolling mill incorporating the best and latest technologies of the World, produces the highest quality Rebar.

Among the various other new technologies added to this plant is also a World Class Pollution Control System and zero usage of fossil fuels like Furnace oil, Coal, etc., which makes this plant the cleanest and most environmentally friendly. (This has been integrated into all the group plants as per our commitment towards providing a better world for our future generations).At this plant we produce TMT bars under the brand name Amba Shakti SD.


Catering the needs of western and southern regions, this is a similar plant to the one in Muzaffarnagar and has well been upgraded with the latest technologies to produce the best quality rebar.

A pioneer in the South, this was one of the first secondary steel plants to produce rebar in the southern region. It has since inspired many more plants to become operation in the area and cater to the vast growing demand.


  • Latest Continuous casting Machines, 'Concast' to Manufacture Billets.
  • Melting units equipped with latest technology from Inductotherm, U.S.A., with strict quality control in production of M.S. Billets/Ingots.
  • Fully equipped chemical laboratory for thorough analysis of chemical composition of raw materials.
  • Automatic temperature controlled, three zones, double row reheating furnace with automatic discharge.
  • Modern testing lab with latest instruments, for carrying out various chemical & physical tests, approved by Det Norske, such as Tensile test, Proof stress test, Elongation Test, etc.
  • Bend - rebend testing facilities.
  • CNC lathe machines for accurate roll grinding and grooving.
  • Ultramodern PLC controlled machines, with on-line programming, built in self-diagnostic features for producing bars.

  • Latest rolling plant with maximum speed and minimum cycle time of 12-15 seconds to ensure all physical properties as per international standards.
  • Sophisticated technology for collection of rebars in automatic PLC based twin channels and cooling bed at very high speeds.
  • Computerized (CNC) rib cutting and branding machines for accurate and uniform ribs and lugs for better bonding with concrete.
  • Automatic bending for a perfect uniform bend on all bundles.
  • Enclosed sheds for proper storage and care of finished TMT Bars.
  • Online weighing facilities for stringent weight quality control.
  • Sheds for proper storage, care of finished TMT Bars.